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New Commercial Pairs Together People of Opposite Political Opinions

It seems everything we see in media has a political tinge to it these days, and television commercials appear to be no exception. Some have been offering perspectives of conservative nostalgia, while others liberal idealism—but one recent ad (produced by Heineken) seems to attempt to straddle these deep divisions at work in the world by conducting a sort of controlled "experiment."

The ad begins by showing several individuals describing their unbending political and social opinions and their disdain for those on the other side of the issue. The individuals with divergent views are then paired together and guided through a series of tasks requiring them to collaborate and get to know one another. After they seem to achieve true camaraderie, they are shown the individual footage taken before the experiment, where each had described their hardline stances and disgust for people with differing opinions. After hearing the "truth" about one another, the participants are then told that they may leave, or stick around and spend time with the other person. The ad closes with each group electing to stay and talk, in spite of seemingly insurmountable differences.

Potential Preaching Angles: The point of the ad is not to blindly tolerate and accept sin; the point is that the Gospel opens doors to its enemies instead of closing them.

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