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Man Wins Butter Substitute Lawsuit Against Dunkin' Donuts

Good news, butter-lovers: If you visit your local Dunkin' Donuts and receive a butter substitute instead of real butter, you might get some money. Jan Polanik of Massachusetts sued two Dunkin' Donuts owners, claiming "he was given a butter substitute when he asked for real butter on his bagel."

Seems a little trivial to sue over, right? His lawyer, Thomas Shapiro, agreed—but while Shapiro "acknowledged that his client's complaint is 'a minor thing,'" they went ahead with the lawsuits "to stop the practice of representing one thing and selling a different thing."

Sure enough, Polanik won—and one franchisee's attorney has "confirm[ed] that the case has been settled and the stores have changed their butter-serving protocol."

Potential Preaching Angles: Sure, it's a trivial lawsuit over a trivial issue, but think about the times in our lives when we promise something and don't deliver. While the primary takeaway from this story probably shouldn't be to take every customer service complaint to court, it could perhaps serve as a (rather amusing) reminder to think about the areas of our lives in which we might be settling for less-than-best. Are we "stor[ing] up for [ourselves] treasures in heaven"—or on Earth? (Matt. 6:20)

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