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Man Fails to Camouflage New PlayStation 5

When a man went to purchase a PlayStation 5 (PS5) from a reseller, he was unsure about the legitimacy of the listing because of its low price. After speaking to the reseller on the phone, his curiosity increased, as it sounded like the woman on the other line didn’t know much about video games, and didn’t explain why she was selling it for such a low price. Nevertheless, he made arrangements to pick up the unit in person.

After greeting the lady of the home, he eventually met the other occupant--a very remorseful looking man. After confirming that he was the one who originally bought it, the buyer had to ask--why was he selling it? The PS5 had been only recently released, and as such, in great demand. After a bitter sigh, the man confessed: “It turns out that women can tell the difference between a PS5 and an air filter.”

Inspired by several image memes that depicted the unusual chassis of the PS5 as an air filter, this man had apparently tried to deceive his wife into thinking that’s what it was. The jig was presumably up when she most likely asked a series of reasonable questions, like why its fan was so quiet, and why air purifier needed to be plugged into their large screen television.

Possible Preaching Angle:

Christians are called to walk with integrity in all areas of life. When we use deception to get what we want, we shouldn’t be surprised when our plans go awry.

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