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Woman Arrested in Hawaii for Fake Vaccination Card

Chloe Mrozak apparently wanted to vacation in Hawaii without abiding by the state’s mandatory ten-day quarantine for people from the mainland. To get around this requirement, Mrozak presented a falsified vaccination card upon her arrival.

Because it took time for authorities to investigate her claims, Mrozak was allowed to leave the airport. However, officials were tipped off because the name of the vaccine was misspelled as “Maderna” instead of Moderna. Eventually, officers were informed by National Guard reps in Delaware that there was no record of her vaccination, casting further doubt on the legitimacy of her documentation.

Initially, investigators lost track of Mrozak because they were unable to locate a hotel reservation under her name, but they eventually located a social media account displaying recent exploits and a distinctive, identifying tattoo. Armed with that info, they arrested Mrozak several days later when she returned to the airport to fly home.

When confronted with the evidence of her crime, Mrozak tried to convince the officers that she was actually vaccinated by her own doctor and paid for the shot, despite the fact that COVID vaccinations are free in the United States. Mrozak was charged with misdemeanor suspicion of falsified vaccination documents; bail was set at $2,000.

Possible Preaching Angle:

Some people will use the appearance of proper behavior to mask the dark deeds of their selfish desires. Don't be easily fooled by falsehoods and fakery, but diligently seek the truth wherever it may be found.

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