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Estate of Social Worker Leaves Millions to Charity

Jelani Greenidge, pastor, Portland, Oregon; source: Sasha Ingber, “Social Worker Led Frugal Life to Leave Nearly $11 Million to Children’s Charities,” NPR (12-29-18)

After Alan Naiman died of cancer at 63, he left most of his estate to a variety of charities serving children with various needs. This came as no surprise ...

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Experts Call Viral Trend Harmful to Relationships

Jelani Greenidge, pastor, Portland, Oregon; source: Melanie Palmer, “Shocking trend sweeping social media, experts say it can be dangerous to mental health,” Valley News Live (1-02-19)

Pranks aren’t new, and neither is emotional manipulation or social media. But one disturbing new trend turns them into a noxious combination.

Coined ...

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Want a Happy Marriage? Do the Dishes Together.

David Finch, Oakland, Oregon; source: Caroline Kitchener, “Doing Dishes is the Worst,” The Atlantic (4-3-18)

Every day, they slowly accumulate. Plates covered in sauces and crumbs. Forks, knives, and spoons all gummed with bits of this and that. At the end of ...

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Miracles Aren’t Ruled Out By Science

Matt Woodley, Editor, source: Rebecca McLaughlin, “4 Reasons to Believe in the Christmas Miracle,” Christianity Today (December 2018)

In talks on university campuses, Christian physicist and MIT professor Ian Hutchinson asks “Can a scientist believe in miracles?” (He’s ...

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Study Says Gender is not a Social Construct

Nicole Russell, “Gender isn’t some social construct, study says,” Washington Examiner (2-6-18); Submitted by Van Morris, Mt. Washington, Kentucky

One of the main tenets of transgenderism is that gender is merely a social construct, not a biological reality. It follows that a person born a woman ...

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