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Developing a Major Point

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In this clinic we learn from the development of one major point in the sermon " Overcoming the Influence of Affluence. "

The second movement of the sermon is " Four Necessary Changes in Our Perspective If We're Going to Pursue the Good Life of God. "

Let's look in detail at subpoints A and B.

A. To fight arrogance, cultivate humility (1 Timothy 6:17a)
B. To fight materialism, cultivate godliness (1 Timothy 6:17b)

Sermon Excerpt

Here is the manuscript for these two points:

There are four changes that need to take place in our perspective and our attitudes if we're to pursue the good life. The first one is this. In order to fight arrogance, we've got to cultivate humility. Look at the first part of verse 17. It says, " Command those who are rich not to be arrogant. " This is Paul's advice to Timothy, the young preacher in Ephesus. Ephesus was a major center for trade and commerce, and no doubt the Ephesian church had members who had done very well in the marketplace. Paul's ...

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