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Techniques for increasing the power of Storytelling

See theme Kevin, several years ago you did a very popular workshop on Preaching Today called 3-D Storytelling. We want to take that a step farther. Why don't you quickly summarize for us again the three points you had in that seminar.

Kevin Miller: I really enjoyed that workshop because those three principles are like the essentials or the core principles to be an effective storyteller in your preaching. And I called it 3-D storytelling because the three points all started with D.

  1. The first one was to give people specific details in the story that they could see in their mind.
  2. The second was to use more dialog in the story. Let us hear what the characters actually say or think.
  3. And the third one was to delay the resolution until the very end. Don't give away the surprise ending.

So those three principles—detail, dialog, and delayed resolution—are powerful and they do work. We've gotten feedback from a number of our Preaching Today listeners saying it's really helped them. ...

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Leon Williams

August 10, 2010  11:26am

Great points...much needed and will enhance one's message.

Steven Spencer

September 19, 2008  6:27pm

Some good points to ponder as it relates to telling stories while preaching.

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