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The Heart of a Caretaker (Part 1)

Few things teach us more about ourselves and God than money.

Describe what you've learned preaching over the years on stewardship.

It's helpful to preach as a fellow traveler, to share about my own struggles, how my wife and I have made decisions around the use of time and money and the talents God has given us.

One story comes to mind about my first stewardship campaign. We had engaged a consultant, and he encouraged me to share my personal commitment to our building project. I wasn't comfortable with that, but I went ahead and shared the financial commitment my wife and I had made; not just the dollar amount, but the conversation we'd had around it. That simple act changed the whole dynamic of that campaign. It opened up conversations for people. It was a small church; they all knew what I made and what I was committing, and so stewardship suddenly became concrete and accessible for people.

We did a similar thing in our recent campaign here at Grace. In conjunction with a teaching series, we prepared a 30-day devotional guide where staff and elders ...

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