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Psyched to Preach

Why I look forward to another Sunday with enthusiasm

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You've seen football players waiting in the locker room before a big game. Quiet. Intense. Stretched out on benches or the floor. Eyes closed. Earbuds channeling music. Then it's time. Coaches call them to arms, shoot them full of aural adrenaline, and out they come! They blast through the paper wall while their fans cheer and their teammates huff and fist-pump.

Maybe I could preach better if we did that before the worship service. I could stretch out on the floor of my study with an iPod and get pumped on Keller or Chan or Tony Evans. Maybe I could huddle up with the elders behind the platform, hands stacked, voices starting low: "preach. Preach! PREACH!" And then with a controlled burn I stride to the holy desk. The congregation holds their breath.

Yogi Berra said of baseball, "Ninety-five percent of this game is half mental." Preaching is about the same. We learned how to exegete a text, how to structure an outline, and how to stand and deliver. But somewhere along the line we need to ...

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Gary Harris

June 04, 2012  12:30pm

What a great perspective! Extremely refreshing!

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