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Helping People Think Higher (Pt. 2)

Do you have a mindset for inspiration?

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This interview is part two of a two-part series. To read part one,click here.

Would you say there should be no more than one negative illustration in a sermon?
Every negative should be balanced by a positive. The sermon should either be equal or heavier on the positive side.

One weekend we celebrated the multicultural emphasis of our church. We had invited a speaker to come, a nationally recognized figure in the area of multicultural ministry, and he preached what he called a prophetic message. And it was a very prophetic message. I sat in the front row cheering him on, saying, That's it, boy. Let us have it. Tell us what we need to hear. But the people were disheartened by it. When I asked them afterwards why they had such a negative reaction, it was because all the illustrations were negative—the many times that the white suburban church had blown it. They were all true, and we needed a kick in the pants. But the end result was that the people ended up feeling guilty and disheartened, ...

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