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Use Your Imagination

Seeing and feeling your way into the text

Use Your Imagination
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I don't believe you can apply or even interpret the Scriptures accurately without your imagination. About 90 percent of the Gospels and 60 percent of the Bible is narrative.

A reader has a better chance of winning the lottery than understanding narratives without their imagination.

The Bible stories don't work unless readers see them on the screen of their minds.

Then, too, the letters of Paul and Peter and John are not documents to be dissected so that the nouns and verbs and clauses lie scattered like body parts on the page. Written in passion and blood, these missives demand a good dose of imagination as well as analysis, if we hope to recreate them again for modern readers.

Theologians bring much to the table, but as a bunch they don't seem to have much imagination. I value those who do. Theology stays distant from life if imagination and truth are not mixed. Doesn't God work on our imaginations when we are converted so that we connect the abstract idea of sin-in-general ...

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