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Helping People Think Higher (Pt. 1)

Do you have a mindset for inspiration?

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This interview is part one of a two-part series. To read part two,click here.

Bryan, how would you define inspirational preaching?
Inspirational preaching is preaching that lifts people. It lifts people on a variety of levels. It lifts their understanding of themselves, of God, of the world, and of history. Most people's thoughts tend to drift downward. They get discouraged about life. They begin to doubt God. They question their own abilities. That downward drift of thinking needs to be uplifted. Paul says, "set your minds on things above." And so inspirational preaching helps people think higher.

It also lifts their sight, their vision of what life could be, from what life actually is. Like a hiker on a trail, after awhile our eyes drift downward, we begin to look at the ground in front of us, and walking gets tedious and tiresome. Inspirational preaching gets people to lift their eyes and look further down the trail, to enjoy the sights around them, and to think about where they're going. ...

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