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Preaching Parables

Craig Blomberg offers solid advice on the use of parables.

Preaching ParablesSee theme What are your favorite parables, and why?

Craig Blomberg: Simply because certain parables, like the Prodigal Son and the Good Samaritan, are used so often, I have come to appreciate some of the lesser-cited passages. Because of my heart for good stewardship I appreciate texts like the Rich Man and Lazarus, and in Luke 16, the Unjust Steward. That particular parable for many people seems to be the most puzzling of all.

One major question about interpreting and preaching parables is whether the parables of Jesus are meant to give us one message or many. What do you believe about that issue?

There have been wild pendulum swings throughout the history of the church in interpreting the parables, and as with many controversies, the truth often falls somewhere in between. In my studies I have tried to go back before the era of all of the Greek and Roman allegorizing of parables and other biblical narratives to the way parables of the Jewish rabbis were taken. Some of them might ...

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