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Deep Thinking in Simple Language

How biblical is "Finding Our Way Home"?

John 13:30-38; John 14:1-31 is a treasury of the crown jewels of Christian faith. It includes some of Jesus' most familiar and beloved sayings: The command to Jesus' troubled disciples to put their trust in him. The promise that he would prepare a place for them in heaven. His promise to send the Holy Spirit. The claim of Christ to be the only way to the Father.

Yet this same richness also poses a problem. How do we fit it all in? It is tempting to consider each statement separately and make each the focus of an entire message. Commendably, this sermon opts for a different approach. The first strength of this sermon is it seeks to deal with Christ's statements in context and conveys them in a way that has a narrative feel, even though the section itself is more of a discourse.

This approach is effective. We get a sense of the dialogue and events that prompt Jesus to make these promises. They no longer seem to be a string of unrelated sayings attributed to Jesus but are part of a larger conversation focusing on the ...

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