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If you use the Internet to find and confirm sermon illustrations, these five websites will help you make the most of your time.

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When I graduated from college in 2002, my professors strongly encouraged me to avoid using the Internet as a research source for any of my final papers. Less than five years later, however, a major shift has occured. During that time span, news organizations that once viewed the World Wide Web as a source of competition have embraced it as a quick and efficient way to disseminate their stories. Consequently, the Internet has developed into an accurate and reliable source of information—when used properly.

This transition has been especially beneficial for preachers because it provides an excellent way to find material for sermon illustrations. However, as the Internet continues to grow at an exponential rate, a new problem has arisen: information overload. How can preachers find accurate, reliable sources of information without wasting a lot of time wading through an overabundance of junk?

Ted Olsen, creator of Christianity Today's popular "Weblog," and thus someone who searches the ...

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