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Take the Initiative to Keep Growing

I'm learning that my growth as a preacher doesn't happen automatically. I can only grow as a preacher when I take the initiative to maintain certain practices and habits.

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I started preaching every Sunday when I was 33 years old. By the time I was 40 I felt the learning curve was flattening out. I'd reached a certain proficiency and was settling into a groove. It was still hard but not as hard. I was still improving, I'm sure, but I was concerned that I wouldn't improve much. That bothered me because when I was young I had set a personal goal of being a great preacher. Not famous-great. Good-to-great. I looked ahead at maybe 25 or 30 more years of preaching and wondered how I could keep growing when it seemed my basic skills were tabling off. After all, to be a better preacher you can't just talk louder or faster.

I must admit that there are some things that have never improved much. I still start studying too late in the week. I get this hang-dog look on my face when someone tells me that they prepare three weeks in advance, or for that matter, get a good start on Tuesdays. The worst weakness, as far as I'm concerned, is that I've ...

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March 17, 2014  9:56am

Some really good wisdom.

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Bryan Pierce

March 17, 2014  9:14am

Great article. What's best about it isn't so much the tips, although they are great. The best thing about the article is Eclov's vulnerability about the stresses of preaching and the toll they take upon all of us who preach regularly. It's always good to be reminded that we're not alone!

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