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Haddon Robinson on Preaching the Gospel Today

How to stay on course with your most important message

Editor's note: When planning our current theme of "Getting the Gospel Right," we knew we needed to turn to one of the most trusted voices in the world of preaching—Haddon Robinson. Here are the insights and concerns he shared with us about the current state of preaching the gospel.

Preaching Today: What's good about how preachers today are presenting the gospel?

Haddon Robinson: Many are preaching the gospel without using theological lingo. They are giving the old message in fresh, vital ways with different images and in ways that connect with folks who have not yet come to faith. They have a greater consciousness of what it means for people to be lost, and they're able to speak to that condition effectively.

Many in our culture are conscious they are lost, though not necessarily that they are non-Christians. They sense they are like sheep who have wandered off. They didn't intend to. They got taken up with a tuft of grass here and another tuft of grass there, and they looked up and ...

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