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Preaching by the Numbers

A look at how many of us feel about our preaching

Editor's Note: In the first quarter of 2008, Preaching Today conducted a survey through Preaching Today Audio and NationalChristianPoll.com. The central purpose of the survey was to gauge how preachers felt about the effectiveness of their preaching. We were also able to gain insight into preaching styles, educational background, professional experience, and personal devotional lives. You can read the full results in a PDF file by clicking here. The editors asked Preaching Today editorial advisor Lee Eclov to offer his reflections on what he noticed about the results of our survey.

Putting on a brave face

Judging from this survey of 317 pastors, we preachers put on a brave face. Most of us believe our listeners grow spiritually through our preaching (92 percent), that we preach biblical sermons (83 percent), and that people come to Christ listening to us (79 percent). Most of us (75 percent) feel good about our preaching "often" or even "always." Overall, we feel that important things are ...

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