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Jim Nicodem: Preaching to Sheep and Seekers

Maybe it's not so different after all.

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Churches becoming more seeker sensitive on Sunday morning is old news. But now at least one church has become more believer-sensitive: Several years ago, Christ Community Church, in St. Charles, Illinois, which was started in the eighties specifically to reach spiritual seekers on Sunday mornings, decided to switch strategies. Now Sunday mornings at Christ Community are targeted at believers, though the church is still known for attracting nonbelievers to its worship services.

Dave Goetz, executive editor of PreachingToday.com, spoke with Jim Nicodem, pastor of Christ Community Church, about the effects of the change and what he has learned about preaching well to seekers and long-time members in the same sermon.

Q:When you made the shift, how did your preaching change?

A: It didn't.

Q:Nothing changed?

A: Preaching well to seekers and sheep in the same sermon comes down to good principles of communication—not targeting a particular audience. There's no fundamental difference between a ...

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