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Anyone Can Have a Free, Professionally Trained, Research Team

How pastors can prepare sermons together.

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Preparing sermons is one of the most delightful and painful experiences a pastor faces every week. For five years, that experience was enhanced for me as I had the privilege of meeting with other pastors to work on our messages as a team. Each week I drove four hours round trip to participate, and I would do it all over again. I discovered a new joy and a higher level of effectiveness in my preaching.

But how can you prepare a sermon as a team?

Five Requirements

To fit on a sermon research team, members must meet certain standards.

First, each person must be committed to contribute. The plan breaks down if a person chronically comes without having done advance study and preparation.

Second, team members need to respect one another. If one member's study habits or theology are suspect, it will diminish the chemistry of your team's mix.

Third, there must be an openness to the Spirit's leading. Almost every week, I would think I was going in one direction with the message, but the Lord would use ...

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