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The Nexus of Emotion and Proclamation

Preaching should not be void of emotion.

The Nexus of Emotion and ProclamationSee theme

Preaching is a perilous enterprise. It is fraught with unexpected hazards. The very nature of its work, i.e. God speaking through humankind, makes its dangers particularly risky and its mishaps fatal.

The need for emotion

There are many things one should avoid in preaching. A list of them could easily overwhelm. And yet, there is an essential ingredient that must mark our preaching. That ingredient, in a word, is emotion. The conviction that the preacher actually and obviously believes what he preaches should not only be heard, but also felt by his listeners. I wonder what you think when you consider the nexus of emotion and proclamation. Responses vary from exclusion because of its manipulation to embrace because of its effectiveness. The latter is where this article focuses our attention.

Understanding and affection

I submit that the most effective preaching happens in the communication of right understanding of the text and right affection for the God of the text. When these two meet the ...

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