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Stirring Memory

4 ways to embody truths with vividness.

Stirring Memory

In a previous article for Preaching Today, "Preaching as Reminding," I presented a biblical theology of memory by tracing that theme through Deuteronomy, the Prophets, and the Epistles. We saw that the stirring of memory is a legitimate function of preaching. Sermons do not always have to teach new things or change people's minds. Sometimes they can simply repeat truths already known and believed, especially when preaching to people in the covenant. Auditors who stand on Mars Hill need explanation and persuasion, but auditors who stand on Mt. Gerazim need reminders. Of course, telling people what they already know and believe runs the risk of boring them, but effective stirring of the memory refreshes affect and belief. It is much more than simple psychological recall.

Activities stirred memory performs

Here are some of the "activities of will or body" that a stirred memory performs. It can:

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