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Preaching in the Zone (part 2)

Finding that place of perfect connection

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Editor's note: In part one of this two-part series, Anderson shared some thoughts on what helps or hinders us from entering "the preaching zone." In part two, he continues with his helpful suggestions on entering the zone.

Things That Help: Anticipation

This is a faith thing. Preachers "in the zone" believe that God is working. They understand that preaching is not a sterile consideration of ideas and concepts but an active engagement with a God who is present and who is at work. Preachers who want to find the zone anticipate God's action and work to cultivate a sense of his presence.

Preaching is worship. Contrary to appearances in many of our churches, the worship does not end when the preaching begins. Preaching is simply worship in another key, and the good preacher has been building up to it for some time.

When we are preaching in the zone, we have given our sermons back to God. We sense that he is the preacher and that we are simply providing service so that God can work through what ...

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Todd Capen

May 11, 2007  9:43am

Too much focus on the preacher and not enough on the Gospel and Christ. God works beyond what the preacher could "ever ask or think" (Eph 3:20). God is not waiting for the preacher to "be" this or that and when the preacher can "be" that then God can work. The Good News is that Jesus was in the "zone" and was and continues to be effective through fallible and weak servants.

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