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A Passion for Grace-full Preaching (Part 2): Bryan Chapell

Every sermon should reflect how the whole Bible unfolds a grace that culminates in Christ.

A Passion for Grace-full Preaching (Part 2): Bryan ChapellSee theme

Don't miss Part 1 of our interview with Bryan Chapell, published here.

Matt Woodley, Tell us how your emphasis on the centrality of grace impacts the application of your sermons.

Bryan Chapell: I see so many people in our era who only understand Christ-centered preaching as merely an interpretive scheme. Popular talk centers on "Preaching Christ from every verse," or "Preaching Christ from all of the Bible."

I want to make clear that we don't preach Christ from all the Scripture just as some sort of magic symbol or a wand of acrobatic interpretation of our text. Rather, we are showing how all of the Bible unfolds a grace that culminates in Christ. When we see the grace that God intends, love for him becomes our primary motivation. And that's the point that preaching becomes more than interpretation. That becomes application according to the heart.

So, the last question of our application process is the How question. How can I do what you, ...

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Richard bersett

June 09, 2014  10:40am

Titus 2:11-15 is a refreshing truth in this regard. And a renewable resource. I would preach the truth of this article from this text. In fact, I already did preach it to a familiar audience of one: myself. Thanks, brother Chapell.

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