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A Passion for Grace-full Preaching (Part 1): Bryan Chapell

Identify the grace in all of Scripture that culminates in Christ Jesus.

A Passion for Grace-full Preaching (Part 1): Bryan ChapellSee theme

Most preachers talk about grace all the time, but have we become blind to its specific implications for our congregations? editor Matt Woodley sat down with preaching professor and contributor Bryan Chapell to discuss how a passion for the grace of God can impact preaching and application strategy.

Matt Woodley, You have good perspective on the big picture of preaching in our age. What are you passionate about passing on to your students and other preachers?

Bryan Chapell: Good question. My primary passion has not changed, even after thirty years of teaching. But my emphases have.

My primary passion is to identify the grace in all of Scripture that culminates in Christ Jesus, so that no matter what Scripture we're preaching from, we're not simply looking for duty and doctrine, but rather to identify the relationship that God is establishing—a relationship that gives me hope so that I can do what he calls me to do and ...

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Josh Moody

May 27, 2014  9:35am

I took Bryan Chapell's class, "Preaching Grace from All of Scripture," when he was a visiting professor at GCTS in 2006. The thoughts which he expounds in this interview--and which were fleshed out in that class--have shaped my preaching and teaching in every setting. Grace motivates.

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