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The Big Idea: Preach in Light of the Eschaton

Does your preaching take into account the big picture of the Bible, the grand story of our hope in Christ?

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Your Dual Microscope: Preaching in Light of the Eschaton
An Interview with Robert Smith
By Matt Woodley's editor Matt Woodley sat down with Rev. Robert Smith, Jr., Professor of Preaching at Beeson Divinity School, to discuss Dr. Smith's big ideas about preaching. In this interview, Dr. Smith shares his passion for preaching from a future condition focus—or preaching that always keeps the Eschaton in view.

You're a veteran preacher, and closely connected with the next generation of ministers. What are you passionate about in your homiletics classes these days?

I'm passionate about making the connection between "fall" and "future." Bryan Chapell talks about this in Christ-Centered Preaching: Redeeming the Expository Message. I think that it's important for preachers to marry what he calls the FCF—fallen condition focus—with my FCF, the future condition focus. We can't just highlight the fallen creation. We also ...

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Sir W Lee Mack Jr

March 19, 2014  1:11am

Thank you Sir, and your work was also tremendous at the Charles E Booth Preaching Conference

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Porter Davis

August 01, 2013  4:12pm

Dr. Smith, thank you for your insight. Excellent interview.

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