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Why Just One Text?

Question and answer with Haddon Robinson

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Dear Mr. Robinson,

I am a teaching elder in my church (we have no pastor). I have studied your book Biblical Preaching, and I am currently involved in discussions on preaching in our church. I have told the men that I believe the best way of preaching is take a text (best a series on a Bible book) and preach from its context from the past to the present. The other leaders in my church would form a sermon via a number of texts. Their response was: Where do you get your proof that your method (as explained in your book) is better than ours?

In Christ,
Wim Evers
The Netherlands

Dear Wim:

There is no way to prove that taking a single passage is the "best" method of preaching. The selection of this method goes back to the nature of the Bible itself. Each book in the Bible was circulated on its own before it was placed within the book we call the Bible. That is, the Book of Luke circulated among the churches. The people in those churches didn't have the Letter to the Ephesians to look at. Therefore, ...

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