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A conversation about application with Bryan Chapell, Haddon Robinson, and Joseph Stowell

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Editor’s Note: You've studied the text. Your notes have theology and principles. Now comes the really tough part. How exactly do you connect these profound truths with the gritty stuff of daily life? This is where the sermon needs to shine—or it will fade like a sweet dream.

A number of years ago we say down with three seasoned preachers/preaching professors—Bryan Chapell, Haddon Robinson, and Joseph Stowell—and asked them to talk candidly about their hopes for and struggles with sermon application. Here are some of the highlights from that conversation.

Bryan Chapell: Students come into seminary thinking explanation will be the hardest part of preaching. They discover after a few years that's the falling-off-a-log portion. Eventually the outline jumps off the page. The hard part is "How do I make this real in people's lives? How do I make sure my application is right?" Application is what we never stop sweating.

Joe Stowell: There are several ...

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January 02, 2017  7:26pm

Much appreciated. Relevant and on target.

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Delwyn Campbell

January 02, 2017  10:53am

Since you left out any Lutheran preachers, you only got an occasional reference, in passing, to "the Proper Distinction between Law and Gospel." That is vertu unfortunate, because, when it gets down to it,THAT is the difference between sound preaching and moralizing therapeutic messages that lift up the Old Adam instead of Christ Jesus.

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