Chapter 3

Using Images in Application

Vague generalities don't change lives.

Editor’s Note: How can we improve our sermon applications? asked preaching professor Steve Mathewson to critique the application section within one of his sermons. Mathewson preached on a tough passage--1 Samuel 15:1-35.

Mathewson notes that "the challenge for the preacher in every sermon is to talk to people about their lives from the Bible." So how did Mathewson evaluate his own sermon based on this goal? Overall, he said, his sermon moved in the right direction. But he also admitted his application could have been stronger. Here's his analysis with some helpful tips for how we do application in every sermon.

The challenge for the preacher is to talk to people about their lives from the Bible. How well does the narrative sermon "No Selective Obedience" execute this fundamental of preaching?

Overall, the application in this sermon moves in the right direction, but it does not move far enough.

Strengths of Current Application

Positively, the ...

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