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The Preacher as Writer

5 best practices for developing a writing ministry.

The Preacher as Writer
Image: Esther Havens / Lightstock

Writing is a ministry that I have come to enjoy. It’s not always been the case, however. It’s often laborious, daunting, and even terrifying. Writing isn’t the most profitable of work, either. So, why bother with it? As pastors/scholars for the church and for the academy, we engage in writing for the purpose of disseminating ideas (hopefully helpful ones).

Over the last few years, several people have asked me about when and how I write. I’ve coached them over Zoom/phone calls. For those wanting to launch this type of writing ministry, how can we begin? The following are some practical steps that have become a habit. I hope they help as you start/persevere in your writing journey.

#1 Write Something Every Week

Some weeks I write a fair amount while other weeks I write nothing—depending on my schedule. As pastors/professors we know quite well, life happens. Although I can’t keep to this schedule every week due to seminary work and family life, I try to write ...

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