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Remember Who You Are

Remember Who You Are
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My Dear Shepherds,

A few years ago Ted and Margaret from our church had a beautiful little grandson named Nathaniel Ziga Ward. Nathaniel is a Hebrew name meaning Given of God. Ziga is a name reflecting his Rwandan mom’s heritage. It means Remember Who You Are. And his last name, Ward, reminds him he belongs to a family. Without that last name, he wouldn’t know who he is. So: Given-of-God Remember-Who-You-Are Ward. That name gives a boy a head start in life.

One effect of this long isolating season is that God’s people start to forget who they are when they can’t be together. Our identity is wrapped up in our Christian family. Churchless Christians develop a kind of spiritual dementia, an amnesia where they forget their identity. A pastor’s job, like any parent, is to keep reminding God’s people who they are as a family.

Recently I read Acts 9, with the wonderful story of Saul’s conversion. I noticed how many different ways Christians were described ...

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