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The Penalties of Preaching

The Penalties of Preaching
Image: Dave Adamson/Unsplash


Football’s Super Bowl displays its penalties for all to see on their televisions worldwide. Referees throw their yellow flags to alert players and coaches of infractions either team makes while on the field. What about the penalties of preaching? Sunday to Sunday some of the most egregious violations take place when preachers stand to preach. As experienced sermon referees, we list for our readers the following penalties of preaching.


During the sermon, the preacher is faced with a screeching symphony of crying babies. The infant wails and shrieks cause significant sermon interference.

Chop Block

On your way to preach the chair of the elder board tells you that your last day will be next Sunday. Or, as you’re making your way into the baptistry to preach a brief baptism sermon, the candidate for baptism tells you that he’s afraid of water. You feel like you’ve been knocked over.


Clipping takes place when the preacher steals another preachers’ ...

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