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Baseball Bungles

World Series errors for preaching.

Baseball Bungles
Image: David Madison / Getty


In this COVID-19 era, baseball season may be shorter than usual this year, but the "penalties" called by the officials know no limit. Infractions are called-out no matter if the season is sixty or one hundred and sixty-two games. The wise preacher will take into consideration the penalty call and improve upon the fundamentals and performance of his or her preaching.

The umpiring team of Jared Alcántara, Scott M. Gibson and Joel Gregory suggest the following as penalties that preachers might avoid as they preach from week-to-week.


When the sermon went a lot better yesterday when you practiced it.

Strike Out

A three-part series on the three frogs from Revelation.

Foul Ball

When you reveal the counseling session from the day before in your sermon.

Foul Out

The 45-minute wedding sermon, which is a bird-brain idea!

Charging the Mound

When the preacher leaps to the pulpit when the congregation is singing verse one instead of verse four.


When the sound guy ...

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