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What Preachers Can Learn from Songwriters

Listening and learning from those who use words cleverly and beautifully to help our sermons ‘sing.’

What Preachers Can Learn from Songwriters
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The night before they hear your sermon next Sunday, perhaps, many of your listeners may be absorbing their favorite highly-produced podcast or enjoying their favorite Spotify playlist. They may indeed be riveted by what they hear. When they walk into your church the next morning, you will be addressing people whose attention span may be shrinking annually, maybe even at an alarming rate.

It is true, you offer them something the world cannot—the living Word of God delivered by a preacher called by God and speaking under the influence of the Holy Spirit. That’s one of the big reasons why so many come back week after week. Still, they will likely be bored, distracted, or restless. And some of the questions preachers must confront include:

-Will we deliver our words about the Word with an eye toward the beauty, clarity, drama, wisdom, and humor that draws people in?-Will our listeners have to fight to hear the truth, or will they be effortlessly invited to experience ...

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