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Why We Should Preach on Habakkuk

Habakkuk’s message is one that today’s listeners need to hear.

Why We Should Preach on Habakkuk

Given the great biblical illiteracy of today’s listeners and the plea for more “practical” preaching, I can understand why some would question the value of preaching Habakkuk. The weight of its historical background can feel heavy, and its mixing of a poetic form with a narrative style within a Minor Prophet can make anyone’s head ache.

Though spending time in Habakkuk may be foreign to some, it is not for those of us who recognize the value of the entirety of the counsel of God. When Paul stood before the Ephesian elders, summarizing his ministry and urging them to follow in his steps, he was clear about his faithful teaching of the whole counsel of God (Acts 20:26). Thus, believing in God’s good provision of the Scriptures, we arrive at Habakkuk. Perhaps it is only by faith that we begin to treat this book as helpful and good for ourselves and for the people of God.

Lack of Preaching from Habakkuk

I likely do not need to convince you that the Book of Habakkuk ...

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