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Preaching as Fussing

Pay attention to the details of the text and the details of your people.

Preaching as Fussing


While talking with a colleague who teaches preaching, the concept of preaching as fussing came up. I had not thought of this concept before. Fussing tends to have a negative sense about it. We all know that to make a fuss over someone or something may seem to be over the top—too much excitement or focus on one person or thing. We see this in a translation of Luke 10:41 where Jesus chastises Martha because she fussed over dinner preparations a bit too much: “Martha, Martha! You worry and fuss about a lot of things.” But cannot fussing have a positive side to it? In the case of Mary and Martha, one would hope that someone was fussing over getting dinner ready! Does not the Bible have something constructive to say about preaching as fussing? Below are five considerations for the place of fussing in our preaching.

Fussing means concern

Fussing means that one is concerned for and about his or her congregation. As pastors we are immensely interested in the lives ...

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