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6 Lessons I Learned from Giving a TED Talk

6 Lessons I Learned from Giving a TED Talk
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I was given my first opportunity to preach in church when I was a teenager. I was so nervous that I compressed a ten-minute message into five by speaking faster than the terms-and-conditions script-readers at the end of a medication commercial. I am sure the congregation heard the sounds of all the words I said, but I am pretty sure they didn’t make much sense of it. The talk was so disastrous that it easily could have become both the first and last talk I ever gave in public. However, there was a great orator in our church who took me aside and gave me feedback in the most gracious and helpful way possible. His encouragement left me with a desire to improve my preaching, and 32 years later I am still on that journey—still preaching and still seeking wise critical evaluation.

I not only try and get feedback as regularly as I can, but I also deliberately try to put myself in difficult situations to force myself to up my preaching game. I try to build in enough of these opportunities ...

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