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Preaching a Faith that Works

Inspire your church to be transformational agents in the world.

Preaching a Faith that Works

Preaching can be a risky business. There are ample opportunities for those of us who preach to make a huge mess. Preaching is the art of talking to and about God in public. Imperfect people talking to and about a perfect God from an inspired and infallible book: risky!

"Why is it risky?" you may ask.

It is risky because we are the weak link in this scenario. God is perfect and so is the Word. Then there is us, the preachers, in all of our mistake-laden but redeemed glory. Once we add to the mix the congregation, who is also complicit in the need for Jesus to come and redeem, you have a recipe for some serious problems.

I often remind Crossroads Community Church (my family of faith in Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR) that there is a sermon I am attempting to preach and there is a sermon that they are hearing. Unfortunately, all too often, those messages are different. Why are they different? They are different because every hearer fills in the gaps with their own ideas, issues, thoughts, ...

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John Lamb

February 19, 2018  7:34pm

Very well written. I hope many benefit from this. I did, thank you. (I'm not a pastor) just focused on being a good agent.

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