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4 Groups in Every Church

Speak to every type of person in every message.

4 Groups in Every Church

In my late teens, I encountered Christ through the love and testimony of a group of fellow students. I remember wanting what they were experiencing: genuine love and acceptance of one another, remarkably intimate expressions of faith in prayers, and confidence in God and the Bible to give reasonable answers to life.

As a new Christian, I found church to be disorienting. At church we sang songs I didn't know and didn't like. People prayed using words and phrases that seemed (to me) unusual. They flipped through the Bible with ease I didn't have. I couldn't make sense of a book that had "books" and had chapters and verses that people would cite as numbers by saying something like, "Turn to First Corinthians fifteen-three." (My mind was whirling: How many Corinthians were there? And what is a Corinthian? And what do the numbers mean?) It is disconcerting to think about how much acquired knowledge has been taken for granted by believers who have assimilated ...

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November 22, 2017  1:13pm

There is another category: The discouraged. Those disciples who believe, and are interested, but have been hurt so badly by the institutional church that they no longer can find a home to come to consistently. They show up on special occasions, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter, but otherwise are missing in action. I'm not sure how one would reach these folks, who, though they may not attend "church" still frequently maintain close fellowship with other believers in other ways. How does one reach those people, who are becoming an increasing minority within the Church?

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Sid Whiting

November 13, 2017  1:29pm

Spot on! Loved the way you reversed the Lord's Prayer.

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Jay Erickson

November 13, 2017  11:51am

Excellent article and message. I have to admit that I struggle on many Sundays when the message seems to leave out more than one of the four groups mentioned. As a disciple who loves to bring seekers and resisters into the family of God, I pray that the Lord will use each Sunday's message to reach them while still teaching me. Hopefully I can get this idea into the hands of our pastors and we will see even more fruit from our Sunday gatherings. Thanks for your thought provoking article.

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