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Preaching on Suffering in a 'Pain-Free' Culture

We need to understand suffering before we can preach on it.

Preaching on Suffering in a 'Pain-Free' Culture

I heard an ad on the radio for a physician with a solution for people suffering from nerve pain in their hands and feet. The tag line for the ad was: "Imagine living pain free for the rest of your life." If you're struggling with chronic pain, you're ready to pick up the phone. You'll do anything to escape the gnawing ache, the needling discomfort.

We have a mantra for the staff here at Kensington Church. Whenever we gear up for our weekend services, and when we debrief conversations with people in crisis, we remind one another: "Never underestimate the pain in the room." On any given Sunday, the odds that one person in your sanctuary is struggling with loss, heartache, rejection, loneliness, or failure is 100%. The husband who wandered in because his wife just served him with divorce papers is yearning for consolation. A young man was recently arrested for his second DUI, scrambling to escape the maze of addiction. A couple who lost their infant daughter ...

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