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How'd It Go?

Five ways to measure your Sunday sermon.

How'd It Go?

How did it go this Sunday?

This question is asked many times each week. Some pastor talks to another pastor. And whatever the agenda of the discussion, it is likely one will ask the other about the previous Lord's Day service.

Did you have a good day? What did you preach? How did it go?

The answer typically includes comments about Sunday's attendance, offering, and steps of faith taken. Then we describe how we think the sermon went.

We may feel we were not quite ready. We may feel the sermon could have been shorter. We may feel the presentation had hiccups. We may feel the message did not connect. We may feel it all went pretty well.

But is our limited and tainted perspective right? Is there a more objective way to know how Sunday went? Can we really know how it went after we preach?

Here are five basic ways to measure your Sunday sermon.

A faithful exposition. How did you treat the text? This is the all-important question. Did you rightly handle the word of truth (2 Tim. 2:15)? Your ...

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Duane Grasman

May 17, 2015  7:50pm

Extremeño encouraging and helpful!

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Gary S

May 16, 2015  8:58pm

I think these components are important but without helping people know and think about what to DO with the Word we may lead people more to information than transformation.

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Isa Lopez

May 05, 2015  10:01am


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May 05, 2015  12:15am

An encouraging, thoughtful and appropriate way to reflect on our preaching - thank you.

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