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The Authentic Preacher: H.B. Charles

An Interview with H.B. Charles

The Authentic Preacher: H.B. Charles

Editor's Intro: "One of my biggest struggles in weekly sermon preparation is _________." How would you fill in that blank? What are some of your struggles in the beautiful calling to preach God's Word? Recently we caught up with Pastor H.B. Charles from Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Florida and asked him that question. It's the first segment in our new video-based series titled "The Authentic Preacher: It's a Beautiful Struggle." Watch for a monthly short video from preachers across the country telling honest stories and real angles on the art and craft of preaching.

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October 14, 2014  7:44am

Thank you for those comments, great advice we can get caught up in the research and neglect the writing. Thanks for the help.

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October 13, 2014  1:22pm

Great advice from a gifted preacher! Even if you don't preach every Sunday morning and you are preparing sermons, there comes a time when you must put the research on hold and craft on paper or computer what the sermon will entail. I like his point that "if you start early enough in the writing process, you can always go back and do more research and reading."

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Amy De Leon

October 13, 2014  12:53pm

Thank you for that important point. Working on the outline and making it flows is the key to presenting a clear sermon.

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