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Interpreting the "Texts" of Our Culture

The created works of culture have meaning. Do you know how to "read" them?

PreachingToday.com: Why should preachers see part of their role as interpreting our culture?

Kevin Vanhoozer: While preachers are doing what they can to inform and transform their congregations, they only get them a few hours a week, and that means that six days out of the week, something else is bearing in on people. Spiritual formation happens all the time, if by spiritual formation we mean anything that forms our thought patterns, our behavioral patterns. Who is forming our children? Who is forming us? There's a lot of literature out there that says people watch TV more than they read their Bible, so where are people getting their visions of what the world is like?

We need to be aware of culture because it forms all of us, but it's invisible in one sense. On the one hand you've got billboards everywhere, so culture is not invisible, but on the other hand it's so familiar to us we may not be aware of it. For many people, the first time they realize how culture has formed them is when they ...

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