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2006 Preaching Book Awards: For the Soul

Each year, PreachingToday.com selects two new preaching books for book-of-the-year awards: one that focuses primarily on the skills of preaching, and the other on the soul of the preacher.

The winners this year were chosen by votes from two preaching experts and the editor of PreachingToday.com. In this article, we honor the book published in 2006 that wins the award for feeding the soul of the preacher.

2006 Book of the Year for the Preacher's Soul

Eat This Book
A conversation in the art of spiritual reading
By Eugene Peterson
Eerdmans, 2006

Eugene Peterson is passionate about the Bible. As a teacher and spiritual mentor, he has spent decades trying to coax individual Christians and the church at large into a deeper, more meaningful experience with God's Word. And, at the surface, Eat This Book is a continuation of that passion. Peterson writes: "I want to counter this widespread practice of taking personal experience instead of the Bible as the authority for living. I want to pull the ...

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