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2005 Preaching Book Awards

Effective preachers are always growing, and those who grow read.

Each year, PreachingToday.com selects two new preaching books for book-of-the-year awards: one that focuses primarily on the skills of preaching and the other on the soul of the preacher. Both are essential.

We believer you will be a better preacher if you read and take to heart these two books.

Book of the Year for Preaching Skills

Preaching God's Word
A hands-on approach to preparing, developing, and delivering the sermon
By Terry G. Carter, J. Scott Duvall, J. Daniel Hays
Zondervan Publishing

What sets Preaching God's Word apart is suggested by who wrote it: one professor who focuses on teaching preaching and two professors who focus on hermeneutics. Their goal was to write an introductory preaching textbook "that was practical and contemporary, yet still focused on biblical preaching." They have succeeded admirably. The text skillfully interweaves the process of sermon preparation and biblical interpretation.

The target ...

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