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Forge art from text and create unforgettable displays using worship multimedia software and content.

The scaffolding is returned, the ladders put away, and the new video projection system is now complete. After a few favorite old clips, the question of what to put on the screen every Sunday looms over the church like a giant blue-screen flashing "invalid input." Designing a comprehensive and touching video presentation for opening Sunday is one thing—making it happen every week is quite another.

From song lyrics to sermon notes, activity announcements to baptismal photos, video systems have become an integral part of church life. But without a versatile presentation software program, the task of turning one more PowerPoint slide show into a work of art becomes a journey inside an Escher print. While PowerPoint can be used effectively in the church, specific programs geared toward the worship environment allow for seamless flow and a smoother learning curve. Good presentations are made, not born, so here are some creative steps toward building a visual production with impact.

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