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EHS Digest (Part 2)

A summary of papers presented at the 2000 Evangelical Homiletics Society convention

The Evangelical Homiletics Society met in fall 2000 on the campus of Reformed Theological Seminary in Oviedo, Florida, and professors and pastors delivered 20 papers — some heavy on the theoretical side, others on the practical. Each year I come away from these conferences with a heavier preaching toolbox. What follows is the second installment of my attempt to compile some of the more practical help gleaned from three of the papers (click here for part 1).

Preaching Toward Spiritual Formation

Guiding Believers in their Journey of Spiritual Formation and Empowering them in the Process of Life Transformation
Glenn E. Myers
Crown College, St. Bonifacius, Minnesota

Abstract: Preaching is a perfect platform for conveying spiritual information but not necessarily for engendering spiritual formation. Evangelical churches are filled with biblically literate individuals who are often quite wanting in their spiritual development. Thus we as preachers must be more intentional in the ...

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