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Sermons on Stumbling blocks

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Preaching on Stumbling blocks? Browse these sermons to find fresh ideas.

Redneck Christmas

Editor's note: The following monologue is delivered in character by a shepherd named Larry. There was a live nativity scene on stage for the Children's ...

To understand Christmas, we must understand God's holiness and admit our sinfulness.

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You Don't Have to Be Good to Come to Christ


The description of the early church that is found in the opening chapters of the Book of Acts almost sounds like paradise revisited. Two events ...

The tiniest crack in the door into honest acknowledgement of our sinfulness is the real beginning of growth toward grace.

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How to Make the Holy Spirit Happy


Author Edgar Jackson gives this poignant description of grief:

Grief is a young widow trying to raise her three children, alone. Grief is ...

We can make the Holy Spirit happy by living as God intends us to live.

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Born to Live

Jesus is enjoying the most exhilarating moment of his life. He has just finished being the guest of honor in the Palm Sunday parade. His archenemies, ...

God meets us at our point of vulnerability

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