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Sermons on Sin, tolerance of

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"Gay" Myths

Homosexuality is probably the most emotionally divisive issue facing our nation. It's a hot topic, as a range of Newsweek covers on the issue suggests: January ...

Since homosexuality is outside of God's will, we must deal with those desires just like any other sinful temptation.

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How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?


The story is told of a man who visited a cemetery to leave flowers at the grave of his dearly departed mother. He couldn't help but notice ...

We are blessed when we sorrowfully confess our sin to God and joyfully receive his forgiveness.

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Blood in Bethlehem

Two weeks ago NPR carried a story about plans to spruce up Bethlehem, the dusty little Palestinian town of Jesus' Nativity. Tourists take the bus from ...

Jesus saves us from the terrible condition we are really in.

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