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Sermons on Passion, romantic

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The Intimate Marriage


This week we're talking about intimacy and the role that sex plays within marriage. Paul writes extensively about sex to the Christians living ...

Sex and marriage are gifts from God.

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What Your Spouse Wants You to Figure Out

From the editor:

Few preachers make better use of humor than Dave Stone. He's especially gifted at knowing exactly the right point to insert a funny line ...

Strive to be intimate friends who unselfishly serve one another.

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A Sacred Romance

Sermon One


A few months ago, Karen and I went to the movies. We were in the mood for a romantic comedy, so we went to see a film called Love, ...

What's God got to do with it?

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Doing It God's Way

Sermon Two


More than ever, people want to know what love is. More than ever, people are confused. Last Sunday, we introduced this series by ...

The beauty of sex done rightly

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A Holy Longing

Sermon Three


When I was doing youth ministry, we had a standard joke that whenever kids began to lose interest and drop out, all we had to ...

When love hurts

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God's Great Idea

Sermon Four


Before we leave this series called "Love and the City," we need to say something about marriage. It seems there's an awful lot ...

Marriage, as God designed it, is wonderful

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